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Slug Wisdom

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

I spent 12 hours in the Forest. 630 am to 630 pm and slugs were everywhere. I had never taken time to notice them before, to receive the "wisdom" they have to offer. After 2 hours of sitting in one spot, I noticed a slug ever so slowly maneuvering its way along the rocks. Smooth. Sleek. Slow. Deliberate. Intentional. Checking every detail out...

What can I learn from this slug? What was the wisdom being offered me from this creature?

1) Slow Down - don't move through life fast. Live deliberately, intentionally.

2) Always be aware of your surroundings - touch, see, smell, hear - receive!

3) Be attentive - Know when to embrace. Know when to fully give yourself in any circumstance or relationship BUT also know when to withhold, withdraw, protect:

This wisdom was profound for me to receive. I have never struggled with knowing when to embrace and give my all in any given circumstance. But knowing when to withhold, withdraw, protect... my heart. This has been a lifelong lesson for me. I'm such an "all-in" perosn - learning the importance of how sacred my heart is, the journey I have been on - it's actually not to be shared with all. Such an important reminder and one I was so grateful to receive.

4) Always keep moving forward:

As I watched the slug consistently make its way across the rocks, I was amazed at the reality that it really had no idea where it was going but it kept pressing on. Who knows where it would be in an hour, 2, 5, 10, 24? But he would always be moving. Such a sweet reminder that though the final destination is a good thing - what is so important is the journey we take to get there. That slug just kept moving - facing whatever came across its path. Albeit slowly but it seemed to know there is always more to discover, experience, enjoy.

This is true slug wisdom!

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