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Forest Therapy


Forest therapy and forest bathing have been proven to provide relief from any number of ailments such as stress, anxiety, hypertension, depression, and many others.


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I like forest therapy because I like sitting down and enjoying nature. I also like the leaves in the tea and the slow and calming walk. 

Kiara - Age 10

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Josh - 42

I love forest therapy. It clears my mind so I can receive what I need. 


Jen - 42

I could have gone all day. I feel calm and peaceful now. What a way to connect with God, nature, and who you are. 


Nori - 51

I would reccomend this experience for de-stressing, dealing with anxiety, and succeeding in emotional and spiritual health. The benefits of forest therapy are amazing!

Guided Hikes!

Variable length and difficulty

Nik - Age 12

"I love forest therapy because it helps me calm down."

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Jenna - Age 10

"I love the smell of the forest when it rains. It is a lot of fun."

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Go explore, experience and cool down on a creek adventure. With multiple options and difficulties available, you will have the time of your life - maybe even slide down a waterfall. 

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